Feature and Follow Friday [7]

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the unannounced hiatus. Between watching the Olympics 24/7 for the past two weeks and the floods that struck Manila for the past few days, I just haven't had the time to read and to blog. Anyway, I'm 100% back now, so that's that!

Moving on...

Feature and Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. This meme is a great way to meet new bloggers, and to likewise know more about them. Follow me and I'll be sure to follow you back!

                 Q: What would you do over if you were to start your blog again from scratch? 

Hmm... I guess I would have researched more about blog layouts, tried to learn basic HTML, and basically install the perfect layout. Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with my blog right now.


  1. Great answer! I feel the exact same way, I wish I knew more about blog layouts and HTML. Old follower ! World of Books

  2. Seems like a common answer this week! I am finally happy with my blog's look! Too much of a hassle to change it now! :)

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Probably the same here. I'm still on the fence about my layout. New follower.

  4. I didn't have a design for the LONGEST time even though I designed ads at a newspaper for awhile. Go figure.

    My follow friday. Please visit!

  5. I like my blog too - but HTML coding would be soooo handy to know!

    Have a wonderful week!
    The Brunette Librarian's FF & a special giveaway :)

  6. stopping through from the hop. I agree with you, I would have learned more about HTML and design too. New follower via GFC, check me out at http://nettesbookshelf.blogspot.com

  7. Hopping by and now following, too! I've also been watching the Olympics non-stop which hasn't been the healthiest for my blog. HTML knowledge is pretty helpful... I know only a tiny bit but sometimes its the only way to do things... sigh.

    Ms. C

  8. Haha, looks like almost everyone struggles with HTML and blog design - I do, too. Any tips on how to learn a bit of HTML?
    Hope you have a great weekend and if you're interested, this my FF post:

  9. Same here! I just started and I'm looking for some cute blog templates!(:


  10. I hope the floods haven't gotten you too badly btw. It's been raining non-stop for the past few days, and I heard there was a typhoon coming on Monday.

  11. I lost you guys after Ive changed my URL :(

  12. I’m now following you via Linky! Here’s my link:




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