Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far, #1)

Title: Fallen Too Far
Author: Abbi Glines
Release Date: December 14, 2012
To want what you’re not supposed to have…

She is only nineteen.

She is his new stepfather’s daughter.

She is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother.

But for twenty-four year old Rush Finlay, she is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father’s guilt money, his mother’s desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no.

Blaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama, after her mother passed away, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast. She isn’t prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she’ll never fit into this world. Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous. He is also getting under her skin. She knows he is anything but good for her and that he’ll never be faithful to anyone. He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that…

Blaire just may have fallen too far.

Honestly, I was very hesitant to read this book. The blurb didn't exactly draw me in, and my past few experiences with Abbi Glines' other novels haven't exactly been pleasant. As a matter of fact, I'm probably the only person in the blogosphere who didn't even remotely like both The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers at the very least, and the same goes for Glines' Sea Breeze series. However, I saw nothing amiss in giving Fallen Too Far a shot - everyone (and I do mean everyone) was raving about it, and besides, the cover is ridiculously gorgeous. What's there to lose (except time), right?

And... Wow. After reading the final page of this novel, my heart was pounding like crazy, and I was pretty much in shambles. Simply put, it blew me away, and I definitely wasn't expecting that. Moreover, I didn't think it was possible, but it did. It truly did. To say that I liked Fallen Too Far is an understatement even, because I honest to God loved it!

What set apart this particular novel of Glines from her others would have to be the characters. It wasn't difficult to like Blaire and to be engrossed in her journey as she picked up the pieces of her life. Blaire was smart, witty, and she knew how to fend for herself, yet somehow, she was also a wee bit innocent and almost naive in other aspects of life. Blaire's been through so much despite being relatively young, and reading her innermost thoughts and feelings allowed me to feel closer to her, and ultimately be invested in her character.

While I didn't exactly know a lot about Rush, I have to admit, he did fascinate me. He was the epitome of hot and cold - it was as if he couldn't make up his mind on how to act around Blaire, and I had no idea why. Initially, I hated how he treated Blaire off the bat, but as the story went on, I did end up liking his character more because there was a reason why he acted the way he did. It was apparent that he was keeping something important from Blaire, and that this secret would ultimately destroy whatever progress they made in their relationship. At the same time, however, it was also clear that what he felt for Blaire was both sincere and true, and that she brought out the best in him.

Plot-wise, I had no problem with this novel. It was fast-paced, but it allowed enough time for character-building. Midway through, I was certain that I would be rating Fallen Too Far 4 stars, but the last few chapters were mind-blowing, to say the least, and that thought was flushed down the drain. I suddenly found myself reading faster and faster, because so much happened near the end. Explosive dialogues and confrontations were aplenty; emotional realizations had by Blaire broke my heart - in fact, her sheer desperation was basically seeping through the pages... Just... Wow. I truly did not expect that this novel would be this much of an emotional read, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Heartbreaking as it was, I'd like to stress that the secret really helped make this novel remarkable. At first I thought it would be another cliche and been-done-so-many-times secret about the hero, but Glines was able to pull off a twist that came out of the left field - I don't think anyone expected it!

All in all, Fallen Too Far merits a 4.5 stars from me.
I know, I know, I usually don't do 4.5, but I really had to take half a star off because this book would benefit a lot from more meticulous editing. The lack of commas drove me insane, and there were even a few misspelled words here and there. Some sentences' structures were also a little off. Grammar inconsistencies aside, however, Abbi Glines clearly knows how to write raw, emotional scenes, and the scenes with sexual tension were also off the charts. I honest to God wish that this book would get a deal so that it can get edited by awesome editors who I haven't really appreciated until now, because editing would make this book so much better! You wouldn't regret reading Fallen Too Far though, so do grab a copy!

Rating: 4.5 Stars


  1. I'm the same way about Abbi Glines, so you're not the only one, but I'm always willing to give authors another shot. Great review, this one is going on my TRB list today!

    1. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm so glad that I read this novel and gave it a shot!

  2. Oh man! Sounds good. Going on my TBR list.

    1. It's a good read, definitely! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  3. I didn't like Abbi Glines Vincent brothers series, so you are not the only one on that, though I did love the Sea Breeze ones. Your are right, Fallen Too Far had really deep characters, they is no way that you won't like them. It is my fav AB reads, and I can't wait to read Never Too Far. Fab review :)

    1. The Vincent Brothers series was cliche through and through, at least for me. And yes, I can't wait to read Never Too Far too! :)

  4. Awesome review, Lyra! I haven't read a single Abbi Glines book, but I should definitely check this one out as soon as possible! The characters sound so amazingly perfect and so does the plot! :D And YAY for creative ideas! Seriously, I so want to read this now lol!

    1. Thank you, Eileen! Grab a copy - it's a great read, I promise! :)

  5. This sounds amazing! I'm really into NA right now so I'll definitely have to check this out. Plus, I've heard Abbie Glines is a great author. Awesome review!

  6. I've heard that Fallen Too Far ends on a cliff-hanger-ish note with the protagonists not being... Okay, I'll spoil it if I continue further! ;) I really want to read this one too and I think I've stalked your blog enough for the day, Lyra! Sheesh, I can't believe you didn't particularly like Abbi Glines' The Vincent Boys and Sea Breeze series, but of course, it's up to you and it's definitely cool for me to see varied opinions, it makes me look at the whole story with a fresh perspective, in a pleasant way of course!
    I'll see you around soon and again, totally great review! :D

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  7. Loved this book and I can't wait to read Never Too Far!
    Great review and agree that Abbi Glines is addicting and that Rush is HOT!


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