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Body & Blood (The Survivors #3)
Title: The Survivors: Body & Blood
Author: Amanda Harvard
Release Date: July 23, 2013
How many answers you seek are just a part of you, waiting to be found?

The game has changed.

Fresh from her first brush with mortality, a fragile Sadie Matthau is playing human with Cole Hardwick while the Survivors endure unimaginable tragedy. Wrought with the first deaths of their own kind, a tyrant who will torture them, and an opponent more terrifying than anyone could have foreseen, the Survivors are facing their end.

Told from three points of view, The Survivors: Body & Blood is a bloodcurdling, mind-bending, heart-stopping ride. As Sadie and the Winters uncover more enemies, more history, and more answers, they find themselves brought closer together and ripped further apart. And all the while, a haunting Alexander Raven lurks at the edge of Sadie s lifeline, at the darkening fringes of her mind.

As the Survivors descend into chaos, Sadie realizes a painful truth: the deepest of secrets leave the darkest of marks.

Caught between a terrifying fantasy and her own grim reality, Body & Blood is the story of Sadie s dance with her demons, future, past, and present.


Sadie and Everett have what’s best described as a complicated relationship. Whether they’re running toward each other (slow-motion-in-a-meadow-style, obviously) or running oh-so-vehemently away from one another, there’s a connection the two can’t deny. And though half the readers of Survivors (cough*Team Cole*cough) would probably tell you differently, Everett probably knows Sadie better than anyone. So lo and behold, here are ten things Everett knows about Sadie that he thinks you should know too.

#10. She’s quieter than you expect. — Sadie’s the kind of girl who always has a million things running through her mind. Given that she is usually thinking all those things at once, she isn’t talking as much as you’d expect her to. I think it’s because she spent the majority of the last three years alone. And most of her life, even surrounded by people, she probably felt alone. I’m still trying to get her to work on talking to me. Really.

#9. She’s brilliant, but sometimes her shall-we-say-rural education shows through. — Ever notice how sometimes Sadie’s reading a Wikipedia page or a piece of fiction and letting it inform her next move the same way a serious history book might? Yeah, me too. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that she sometimes sees the most out-of-the-box answers because she’s willing to look in the strangest of places, but she also sometimes misses the nuances. I’m not sure she ever stops to question how reliable her sources are.

#8. She can look good doing anything, and that matters. — As much as I love the fact that my girlfriend is a downright knockout — and, trust, I do — I know that her ability to look put-together in any situation says a lot more about her than you might think at first. Her affinity for style might come across as superficial, but it’s bigger than that. She uses style to fit into her surroundings, becoming a veritable chameleon in any room she enters (or, conversely, totally stand out because she can look perfect when she totally shouldn’t).

#7. Yeah, I know how it looks when she hangs out with my little brother. — I know Sadie and Mark’s relationship is one that looks questionable. Maybe I even question it in my stupider moments. But in the end, those two need each other, and their friendship keeps them sane sometimes. Far be it from us to question it. (…Right?)

#6. When she runs to Cole, it isn’t about Cole. — It’s about wanting to be human. Hoping she’ll come to terms with her supernatural species sooner rather than later? Me too.

#5. She’s always hiding something. — You know that. I know that. I wonder if she knows we know that. And I just wish she could . . . talk to me.

#4. She’s a saint for putting up with me in the winter. — Depending on your view of me and my family, and the blond-haired-blue-eyed one, then maybe you think it’s the least she could do, and maybe you think, she shouldn’t put up with it! But whatever the case, I know this: I was born the way I am, and in the winter, it’s tough. It’s terrible. I’m terrible. I’m sorry for it, but there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. That she takes me that way — loves me that way — is just another reason I can have patience with her for all she does.

#3. She doesn’t really want to die. — She wants to live. Peacefully. Happily. I’m trying to show her that can happen, just as she is.

#2. She means well. — Sometimes, she’s a bit reckless, and, trust me, the closer you are to her, the harder it is to watch. But I have to repeat this to myself like a mantra. She means well. She does. I give her the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you have to do the same.

#1. We’re meant to be together. —  Look, nothing is ever easy with us. I wish it were, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that we’re a challenge sometimes. She sees challenge in most everything. I have challenges of my own. But we can deal with those challenges together because — wait for it — we’re meant to be together.. Maybe it’s not even that I need you to know that, but I need her to. Don’t believe anything else. Don’t doubt what I promise we know: She and I are meant to have our chance.

Everett’s full of fun and insightful things to say. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @TPWinterB (where Felix, Corrina, and Mark named him that, short for “The Pretty Winter Boy.” It’s not a compliment so much as it’s the-giving-of-hell.)

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  1. Looks interesting, I haven't read too many paranormal, but this could change me!

  2. The blurb and the cover both are intriguing! :)

  3. I so want to read this series.

    I have serious love for the InkslingerPR authors and I have heard so many great things about these books. I just NEED to get them and start reading!

    -Kate Tilton

  4. Just started reading paranormal recently and really enjoy, so I can't wait to read another one!

  5. I am hopelessly smitten with paranormal reads and this series looks like just the type of books I like to indulge in :) Thank you for the giveaway!


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