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  The Shadowhunters TV Trailer

I'm one of those fans who really enjoyed the City of Bones movie (I know I'm in the minority here, but I really thought that it was really well-done), and my heart just broke when I found out that there was no way that we would be getting a City of Ashes movie. And then cue in the news of the TV series and I just about DIED with excitement! I approve (not that the production staff cares lol) of all casting choices made, and the stills just about had me jumping up with joy. Ohmygod they look like shadowhunters! The sets look GREAT! Kat and Dom have CHEMISTRY! Harry Shum Jr!!!

I was even more pumped up when I heard that the trailer was going to be released. The minute it was up on Facebook, I immediately watched it. A minute and a half later... well... I didn't expect to feel... underwhelmed. (Here's the link if you need it!)

So, in no particular order, here are what I noticed (and my reaction to some of them)
  • The trailer looked rushed and poorly edited. If you're not a TMI fan to begin with, I don't think you would want to watch the series based from the trailer.
  • That magic bit in the beginning with Magnus? It looked REALLY fake. Like cheap fake.
  • Looks like it will be Jocelyn who'll tell Clary about shadowhunters.
  • I think they'll speed up the story a bit - with Magnus and Valentine playing big parts in the plot as soon as possible.
  • From that short clip of Jace, his interest in Clary is SO apparent. Where's the wariness???
  • Much to my delight, I think we'll get a snarkier and wittier Jace here in the TV series than in the movie.
  • Based from what I've seen in this short, short trailer... Kat can't act. At all. But then again, all her scenes that were shown were of her screaming her lungs off, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
  • They are obviously going to change a lot of things plot-wise, but I'm okay with that.
Oh wait! There's another one minute sneak peek released... this time with Alec, Izzy and Simon! Give me a sec..

Okay, okay - this one's a bit better!
  • Emeraude IS Izzy. Just that one scene with her and her whip and I'm convinced.
  • The special effects look TERRIBLE! The demons and all look kinda okay, but the magic really looks fake!
  • Wait what did they mean with the whole "everyone has a dark side?" and then they show Simon blood with trickling down his mouth?? Will they make Simon EVIL???
  • Kat still can't act. Even the voiceover sounds horrible.
I kind of don't know how to feel. Of course I'm still excited, but I guess I have to tone down my expectations a bit. I just want Dom to get Jace right, and it does look like he will, so I'm happy about that. I'm a bit disappointed with Kat's acting at the moment, but maybe she'll get better after a couple of episodes. I have a feeling that Izzy and Magnus will be my favorite characters and my favorite part of the series. So... I guess I just have to wait until January to see if I'll end up liking the show. *crosses fingers*

What about you? What do you think of the trailer and the sneak peeks released so far?


  1. Ha. I knew it wasn't only me. I have to agree with Kat's acting. I haven't watched Scorch Trial yet (she's in there right?) so apparently, I haven't seen her acting before. But when I saw it on the trailer, I was like.. "Bring back Lily T____T ".. But yeah, we'll see on the pilot episode. It's still too early to judge only based on the trailer alone.

    1. I was SO disappointed with Kat's acting. I never expected it to be... well... this bad. But yes, maybe we'll change our minds after the pilot!


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