[Defiantly Yours: A Bookish Podcast] Episode 1 - YA OTPs

Ummmmm... How exciting is this!? WE HAVE A PODCAST! *cheers* This has been in the works for a few weeks now, and I am SO THRILLED that we finally have the first episode recorded! So just few things about the podcast... we want to maybe produce about 3-4 episodes a month, and we are game to talk about ANYTHING about YA and NA! If you're looking to listen to something on your daily commute or while you're drafting posts for your blog... this podcast is for you! Oh - and did I mention that we laugh and talk a lot?

About today's episode: Dianne of Oops I Read a Book Again and I talk about our Top 5 YA OTPs. Prepare for gushing, squealing and our long-winded explanations of why we love our OTPs! (Just a side note - I sound so awkward the first few seconds... and I mention "best *insert word here* EVER" A LOT. Whoops! Hihihi. Also, there are some technical glitches here and there, but you should be able to still listen to the whole thing with no problem!)

Without further delay...

We want to hear your thoughts! Who are your bookish OTPs? Did you agree with ours? Also, what topic should we discuss next?

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast, Lyra. This is a great alternative on expressing all the feels and I hope you'll do more of this because it's fun listening to it. Thank you for keeping it spoiler free gushing on some of the OTPs you've mentioned! (they all made me curious, particularly the ones in Winner's Kiss trilogy and The Infernal Devices trilogy -- which are still on my TBR for ages)

    As for my favorite YA OTPs: I agree with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinksy. I'm actually excited for the third book (Bookish Gods heard my prayer LOL) because I'll get to see more of them BUT I hope Jenny Han will not ruin my ship. I love John Ambrose but he needs to have a new love life to get away from my ship.

    Other YA OTPs: Bryce and Juli (Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen), Aria and Perry (Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi), June and Day (Legend by Marie Lu), Sydney and Adrian (Bloodlines by Richelle Mead) and *inserts Lara Jean and Peter K. here*

    I hope you'll do Top 5 NA OTPs, Tropes you're tired of seeing in YA or NA, Unpopular Opinions Book Tag (is this ok?), and Underrated Books that people should check out. :)

    Sorry for the long comment! :D

    1. YEY another Lara Jean + Peter K shipper! People on Twitter kept on telling us they're team John Ambrose HAHAHA

      Anyway, thank you so so much for listening to this episode, Bea! And YES YES YES to Flipped! I haven't read the other books/series that your OTPs are from but they're all on my TBR. I expect to be swooning then. Hihi.

      We've noted your request for topics! So excited to do them all!

  2. What are you girls talking about?! Lara Jean and John Ambrose McClaren deserve each other!!! (I'm so protective of my favorite ship, so please bear with me. I still love the both of you! Also, don't hate me huhu!!)

    Whew. Had to get that out in the open!

    Anyway, I love this episode! Also, props to you guys for actually considering a podcast episode for a post as well discussed as this one! I have so many OTPs!! Some of them are 1. Finch and Violet (Because All The Bright Places deserve all the recognition it deserves), 2. Maddy and Olly (Come on, Everything Everything is such a good book, and those MCs are so cute together!), 3. Chaol and Celaena (I'm not a hundred percent sure about this anymore, tho...), 4. Maxon and America (Do I have to explain this one?) and 5. Carswell Thorne and Cress (Because they are living examples of the famous "opposites attract" trope)

    Not sure if you're familiar with my characters but ZOMG!!! I love them all! <3

    Thanks for this entertaining post, girls!

    *Screams "MORE! MORE!!!!!!"*

    1. We don't hate you, JM, no worries. We'll just hate Jenny Han if our ship sinks. HAHAHA KIDDING totally kidding (not? not sure)

      We like John Ambrose McClaren but we loooooooove Peter K. <3

      Anyway, thank you for listening to the episode, JM! And and OMG don't get us started with Chaolena because WE SHIP THIS SO MUCH AND HAVE BEEN BROKEN BY SJM THAT IT'S NOT ENDGAME. And Maddy and Olly from Everything, Everything are indeed shippy! <3 I haven't finished The Selection series and the Lunar Chronicles so hopefully I'll get to talk about those ships soon.

      Will definitely do more episodes, you'll regret asking for more. HA!

  3. Very interesting! I am a bit embarrassed to say I had to Google the definition of OTP :)

    Megan @ Ginger Mom


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