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  1. Hello there! I'm also new in book blogging. Followed your blog and I'll see you around ;)


  2. Hi my name is Nicoletta! I run ilikeebooks.com with my dad.
    We started a new area that out members requested called "Our Blogger Friends"

    I was wondering if you would be interested in helping each other with traffic and content? My idea is -
    You send me your Logo, brief description of your blog and your website. I will add it to our section http://ilikeebooks.com/book-bloggers/

    In return - I'm asking for you to place a banner or text link to our website anywhere on your website. (Just tell me the size of the banner or if it is a text link)

    I hope we can work together and I look FWD to driving readers towards your bolg as I hope you would like to do the same!

    Nicoletta <3 & Jason
    email us 315jny@gmail.com


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