Rating System

  • 5 Stars - MUST READ. Plot, characters - everything about the book - blew me away. Book is memorable. Will reread.
  • 4 Stars - GREAT READ. Book is thoroughly enjoyable - interesting plot and characters. Will reread.
  • 3.5 Stars - GOOD READ. Book is good - had its moments and has a good overall plot, but I had a problem with either the portrayal of characters / some plot points / ending / flow of the story.
  • 3 Stars - JUST OKAY. Not good, but not bad either. Bland. For the lack of a better word, 'Meh.'
  • 2 Stars - UM. WHAT? Plot fell halfway through the book; ridiculously rushed or unresolved ending; minimal growth for characters; or plot simply made me go "huh"?
  • 1 Star - AVOID. Had to force myself to finish - book has no plot whatsoever; characters are ridiculously one-dimensional; story is extremely predictable.

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