Review Policy


As long as your novel falls under the 'Young Adult' and the 'New Adult' genre - whether be it paranormal, contemporary, or dystopian, specifically - I am more than happy to review it. Both ARCs and already-released titles are welcome.

I accept both electronic copies (preferably in .mobi format) and hardcovers/paperbacks. However, take note that I live in Manila, Philippines, and shipping can be a tad expensive. If you are still willing to ship a copy of your book to where I live despite additional shipping costs, let me know through twitter or via email so that we can hash out the details.

It can take me anytime from 1 week to 6 weeks to have a review up, and I will be sure to contact you the minute it is posted on my blog. I will also post my review on the book's specific Goodreads page, and share a link to my review on my twitter page. If you would like to see the review posted on sites such as Amazon, The Book Depository or Barnes and Noble, that can be done as well. Moreover, if you would prefer the review to be only posted a specific number of days before the book's release date (eg. 30 days before the book is released), that can also be arranged.

I am also more than willing to host giveaways, blog tours, author interviews and character interviews on my blog to promote your book.

Email me at if you are interested!

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